Timeshare Options provides a range of holiday exchange, rental and promotional services to timeshare owners (including vacation interval owners and vacation club members), resort operators and the general public.

Timshare-options.com is a new, low cost timeshare holiday exchange system. Internet based, our exchange is fully automated and incorporates features that are unique across the industry.

Individual timeshare owners can register with us as Members and then exchange their vacations on the system. Resorts and vacation clubs can register as brokers and then trade as themselves or on behalf of their membership.

Timeshare Options is not a points system or a holiday club, it is a transparent, fair, low cost vacation exchange system. Our mission is to strengthen and enhance the timeshare ownership experience by demystifying the exchange process and providing the vacations that owners want at fees substantially below those of other exchanges including RCI and Interval International.

The system shows Members the current exchange value of their vacation(s) and any others that are available for exchange.

Members can combine or supplement their values to secure an exchange of greater value. If they choose to exchange into a vacation of less value than their own, the residual is not lost. It remains on their account and can be used as part of some future trade. Further, a Member need never lose a holiday entitlement. It is not necessary to give up a vacation for exchange without prior knowledge of what other vacations are currently available in the system. Also, any vacation that is offered, but not used in an exchange, can always be retrieved for own use.

Members who wish to rent out, rather than exchange, a vacation can list its availability on this site. This service is also extended to registered resorts that can list both spare inventory for conventional rental and specially priced promotional vacations.

The brokerage facilities offered to resorts are, we believe, unique in vacation exchange. They are also significant in increasing the probability that any Member will achieve the exchange he or she seeks.

Brokers can exercise complete control over the use of any vacation inventory that they choose to register with the exchange. This encourages them to make inventory available. Further, the brokers are provided with the ability to register the owners or members at their resort(s) as brokerage accounts and thereafter trade (exchange or rent) vacations on their behalf. The full range of exchange transactions is available to the broker.

Our holiday rental and promotional vacation listings are available to the general public and you are invited to browse and purchase from them. These holidays are based in four and five star timeshare resorts, the portfolio of which is also available for you to browse.

Please visit Services and FAQs to learn more.

Resort and Vacation Club operators are invited to request access to the restricted site that we have constructed specifically for them. Please e-mail invitation@timeshare-options.com.

Thank you for visiting timeshare-options.com

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