Timeshare Exchange Services
Timeshare Exchange Services

Member Services

First and foremost timeshare-options.com provides its members with internet access to an automated exchange for timeshare vacations. From their web browser our members can:

Search the inventory of resorts


Identify vacations offered for exchange


Offer their vacations for exchange

Place a "Call" (stored request) for a specified vacation and so exchange for, or be notified of, any matching vacation subsequently offered by another member or resort.

Swap a vacation that they have yet to place on offer for one offered by another member.

Purchase supplementary "exchange credits" in order to secure an exchange of greater value than their vacation

Retrieve for their own use a vacation previously placed on offer but not yet used in an exchange.

Place their vacations under a "Conditional Offer". Such vacations are made available only in exchange for one that matches one of any number of Calls that have been linked with the offer.

Placing Calls can have particular impact on an exchange member's prospects of securing the vacation he or she wishes. Resort operators are able to inspect Calls placed against their resort or like resorts within the same town or vacation area and may choose to release previously reserved inventory to meet some or all of the demand they see. Members incur no charges when placing a Call and are encouraged to place them whenever they identify a resort they would like to visit. This can only encourage the resort concerned into making any suitable and previously reserved accommodation available.

In addition to vacation exchange, Timeshare Options also provides its members with a rental service. Again, from their web browser our members can add a vacation to a list of rentals and specify the rent to be paid. The list of vacation rentals is available to the general public who are also provided with the facilities to purchase a holiday of their choice. Rents paid, less a sales commission, are forwarded to the members concerned.

These services are charged in accordance with a very reasonable scale of exchange fee rates.

Telephone support is provided for members who experience difficulty when using our exchange system.

To join at no cost simply click the Register button in the left hand margin.

Resort Operator Services

Resort and Vacation Club Operators can use the holiday rental service provided for members. They are also provided with a special variant of this system that allows them to offer and sell promotional vacations via this site.

Resort Operators may also upload photographs and descriptive texts so as to promote their resort(s) within our portfolio.

Resort Operator services are provided by a separate web site where access is restricted to Operators that are known to timeshare-options.com. If you operate a timeshare resort or vacation club and would like an invitation to this site, please e-mail invitation@timeshare-options.com with details of a contact name, e-mail address and telephone number.


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