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Three levels of membership and no annual membership fees.

Conditional offers provide greater member control of exchanges.

The importance of Calls (vacation requests) for exchange Members

Promotional timeshare and vacation club holidays


Membership Levels
Timeshare-Options.com offers three levels of membership; Occasional Members, Regular Members and Charter Members. Occasional Members is intended for owners who feel they are unlikely to make frequent exchanges, but still wish to enjoy the many benefits of membership.
All new members join as Occasional Members. Thereafter they are able to upgrade to Regular Membership by logging into the main site. Charter Membership is not generally available but is offered to Regular Members from time to time in conjunction with promotions offered by a Resort. Any member who owns at that Resort will be eligible for an upgrade and will be advised of this when they log-in to the main site.
Each level of membership is equal with the others in terms of access to exchange facilities and the priority with which transactions are processed. They differ only with respect to the fees charged for transactions; the exchange fee that members incur only when they complete an exchange or some other transaction:
Occasional Members will pay no registration fee but the exchange fee will be charged at US$110.00 (£65.00/€110.00).
Regular Members will pay a registration fee of US$50.00 (£30.00/€50.00) which will be charged when they upgrade from Occasional Membership and thereafter an exchange fee of US$75.00 (£45.00/€75.00). We will continue to offer the opportunity for a free upgrade to the first 100 owners to register from any particular resort. The system will advise qualifying members of this when they log-in to the main site.
Charter Members pay an exchange fee of US$50.00 (£30.00/€50.00).
There are no charges for offering vacations or placing vacation requests on the exchange; the applicable fee is payable only when an exchange is completed. There are no Annual Membership Renewal Fees.


Conditional Offers
Timeshare-Options.com's  Conditional Offer is unique within the world of timeshare exchange. With our more conventional facilities, our users are able to:
Place a vacation on "Offer"; this makes the vacation available to other members and they can exchange into it irrespective of any other vacation that the owner making the offer may be able to secure.
Place a "Call" (a request for a specified vacation) on the exchange and so maximise the likelihood of securing a matching vacation.
Execute a "Swap": the member first locates a vacation that they would like to secure and only then places their own vacation on offer, so creating the trading credits they need to acquire the vacation.
The Conditional Offer is similar to a combination of the first two above. Within it, the member's offer to trade is made conditional upon another member being able to provide a vacation that satisfies one of any number of vacation criteria that he or she has defined.
Members wishing to place their vacation on offer have a choice. They can opt for the straightforward "Offer" which provides the opportunity to maximise trading value or they can use the new "Conditional Offer" system. In the latter case, they will be asked to define at least one request for a vacation that they wish to secure in exchange.
Vacations placed on conditional offer are not generally available and cannot be taken by another member unless he or she has a vacation that the original member agrees to take in exchange.
The vacation requests associated with conditional offers can then be searched by members who are looking for an exchange. Those that find a request that their own vacation seems to satisfy can view the details. If they like what they see, they can bid for a trade. Any bids are presented to the original member who can accept or decline them as they wish. The exchange is completed only when a bid is accepted
In addition, members can now search any bids outstanding against conditional offers that they have made or bids that they have made against the conditional offers of other members.


Calls and Resort Facilities

Timeshare Options offers a set of functionality for resort operators (developers, member committees and management companies) that register with the exchange. Details of these facilities are available from the company's resort operators web site but, in brief, they provide for an operator to act as a broker on the exchange and execute transactions on behalf of its resort members. They also give the operator greater control over how any vacation inventory that it has registered with the exchange is used.
These facilities have particular impact on normal exchange Members in the context of Calls (vacation requests). Resort operators can inspect Calls placed against their resort or like resorts within the same town or vacation area and they may choose to release previously reserved inventory to meet some or all of said Calls.
Members incur no charges when placing a Call and are encouraged to place them whenever they identify a resort they would like to visit. Such may well stimulate the operator concerned into making any suitable, and previously reserved, accommodation available.


Promotional Vacations
From time to time, resort operators who are registered with Timeshare Options can offer promotional vacations on the company's exchange web site.
These vacations are offered by the resort operators as a way of promoting their resort and normally require the customer to qualify with a few simple criteria. Typically, these vacations are available to married home owners between the ages 25 and 65 with joint incomes in excess of £25,000 p.a. The customer is obliged to attend a presentation of the resort and its facilities but is under no obligation to make any further purchase of any kind.
Promotional vacations are available to both registered members of timeshare-options.com and the general public.




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