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Timeshare Options provides a range of timeshare exchange, holiday rental and ancillary services to timeshare owners, resort operators and members of the general public. An alternative service to those of RCI and Interval International provided at substantially lower cost.
Timeshare and vacation owners who register with us can
●  Exchange vacations for as little as USD 50.00/GBP 30.00
●  Place requests for specific vacations on the exchange
●  Offer their vacation conditional upon a desired exchange
●  Offer their vacation for rent
The general public can
●  Browse a portfolio of four & five star resorts
●  Buy rental holidays
●  Buy promotional holidays
Resort Operators who are registered with us can
●  Promote their resort(s)
●  Sell promotional vacations
●  Offer spare inventory for trade or rent
●  Trade as a Broker on behalf of their resort members

Three Levels of Membership

Timeshare Owners/Vacation Club Members

FREE Registration

No Annual Membership Fees

An effective exchange system is an essential element of the timeshare ownership or vacation club membership experience. Through exchange, you can visit resorts throughout the world, enjoy different types of vacation and even adapt the profile of your vacations to suit changing family circumstances for substantially less costs than would otherwise be the case.

Timeshare Options' mission is to provide both an effective and economic timeshare exchange together with a small number of ancillary vacation rental services. Further detail is provided within this site but in summary; our internet based system provides registered users (timeshare owners and vacation club members) with facilities to offer their vacations for trade, identify vacations that they would like to secure and complete any exchange that they wish to make. They can also place vacation requests (termed Calls) on the exchange that can be completed automatically as soon as suitable availability occurs.

At all times, users are made aware of the exchange "value" of both their own vacations and any that they may wish to trade into. These own vacation values may be combined or supplemented by cash payments so as to trade up to a vacation of higher value. Any proportion of own value that is not used for a trade (for example into a vacation of less value) is retained on account for future use. There is no need to "bank" a vacation before exchange, however, the earlier a vacation is offered on the exchange, the greater its potential value.

Ancillary services provide registered users with the ability to offer vacations for rent. Any rental listings are available to members of the general public who visit our site.

The use of internet technologies to provide a fully automated exchange helps to keep our operating costs low and allows us to provide our service for substantially lower timeshare exchange fees than are typical of RCI, Interval International and other exchange systems.

Timeshare owners and vacation club members are invited to review the further detail within this site and register with us. Members of the RCI, Interval International or any other exchange systems are welcome to join Timeshare Options; we simply require that you do not offer for trade any vacation that you have already "banked" with any of these exchange companies.

Members of the general public are invited to review our listings of rental and promotional vacations listings. You can purchase rental and/or promotional vacations through this site.

Resort and Vacation Club operators are invited to request access to the restricted site that we have constructed specifically for them. Please e-mail

Thank you for visiting We hope that our services will be of interest to you and that we will be able to welcome you as a regular visitor to this site.

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